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We are fondly appreciative of the Brooks Saddle Company in terms of their history, their proven, perfected (and unchanged) processes, and their very high quality products. Brooks is unique in an age where manufacturers, in general, are motivated (by various noble and not so noble) factors to be constantly changing products and appearances, at least every year or two. Brooks has being manufacturing the same products in the same way, using the same machinery for decades. Their famously popular B17 saddle was introduced in the 1890's and is little changed - and so on. We've included below, several old Brooks catalogues that you can view or download as well as two videos that echo what we've written here. Please enjoy and we hope that, if not already, you will soon have the experience and delight of owning and better yet using a Brooks saddle. By the way, their bags and other accessories are also of top notch quality and function. Packlite

Brooks Yesteryear Catalogue Collection